Sunday, 11 January 2009

Automating The Wrong Things In Your MLM Business

On one of the forums ( I came across a posting from a lady who was frustrated seemingly with the quality of the downline she'd managed to recruit. Various people suggested a variety of things to try out. One of these involved automation of parts of the mlm operation.

Those of you who have read my Manifesto & Workbook will appreciate that 3 of the 12 obstacles I identified in my research may apply here: Obstacle #5 (Poor Business Design), Obstacle #7 (Poor Decisions About What To Outsource) and Obstacle #8 (Not Using Leverage & Scalability).

As I see it, automating your sales process is a key element of overcoming Obstacle #8, and when done so with reference to Obstacles #5 & #7 then the customer experience will be great, speedy and you will be selling stuff even though you're not there... or even awake!

What I believe some of the posters on the thread I mention at the start of this post are suggesting is to automate the recruitment process. And I say a most emphatic No! Why? Well, Obstacle #1 is all about treating this whole thing as a serious business. If you were seriously thinking about joining an organisation that said it was serious about being very successful, how would you feel if the only way in was to fill in an online form and then get on with business? I know I'd be very unimpressed. I'd have a ton of questions I want good answers to before I invest my time with a particular employer or business. As the MLM operator I want to be sure I'm only signing up people who I can work with, who 'get it', who have energy and self-reliance, etc. For me to be sure of this I'd want to meet each person at least once, if not several times, maybe have both formal and informal interviews, possibly even do some assessments and tests - this is serious stuff after all!

So just because automation is easier and more convenient for you, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do - remember Obstacles #5,7 & 8!

Good luck!

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