Thursday, 8 January 2009

Labour Of Love

OK. It's here. At last.

Ever since I saw early signs for the impending economic storm, I've felt driven to create The Second Income Manifesto, also known as the MLM / Network Marketing Manifesto.

And now it's here, available to all, for free download, from

After you've read and worked through this Manifesto, you will be in a fantastically better position to make an informed decision about your next steps towards starting, or significantly growing, a second income. This is as true of you are totally new to all of this, or an established mlm operator or MLMer.

The Manifesto is both an information source and a workbook, helping you to assess your own unique situation to figure out the next steps. There's stuff here you won't find anywhere else, as well as some of the more well known concepts and tools - I want this to be the most convenient way to access what you need.

Anyways, enough said here - you'll find so much more about a home based business in network marketing, and what is in the Manifesto, plus details of how to freely get hold of our own copy.

Later, as you reflect on what you have read about and in the Manifesto, your mind will be racing with all the possibilities that become known to you - almost too pumped to sleep, glad that you did download your copy...

Click on over to now!